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We all need to try and stay positive for the next six or seven months until the Rallying Season starts again. Obviously this is a slow time of the year but we can still rally safely, as we have in the past, without big socials and still have a good time. I have asked Sandie to look at longer weekend rallies next year, where there is not one planned already, which will have a theme just to make it more interesting. Same fuel cost but more days.

It will be harder next year to get going but please remember the good times we have had in the past. I don’t consider us as the ‘Hertfordshire Centre’ but rather a group of friends that meet up most weekends, we all know each other and have a great time. Don’t forget this club is about its members so if there is something you would like to do let the committee know, otherwise we are going to assume if nothing is said then we are doing what you want.

I do hope we all get back to rallying and enjoy next years programme.

For those who remember Hill St Blues.

Lets be careful out there.  Alan