News Letter - Winter 2019

Hertfordshire Centre

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Winter Cover Cover

200 Club & Trophies

Winter Walk & Batteries

Easter & Ringwood

Winter  Front cover 2019.pdf 200 Club & Poorly & Tropies winners for the website doc.pdf Batteries not included & Winterwalk for the website.pdf Easter & Ringwood for the website.pdf

Chairman & Editor

Facebook & Pioneer

AGM & Committee

Pauline & Sywell

Edit & Chairman for the website.pdf Facebook pics & Pioneer website.pdf Jo thank. & Committee for the website docx.pdf Messages from Sywell & Pauline for the website.pdf

Regional Snippets

East Grinstead & Facebook

Winter Report

Regional Snippets for the website .pdf Snippets from East Grinstead & Face book  for the website docx.pdf WINTER report for the website .pdf

Valenties & New Year

Valentines & New Year 2020 for the website.pdf Skittles at Broom & Recipe for the website.pdf

Skittles & Recipe